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Pathfinder Handbook


Purpose of Pathfinders


The purpose of the Statesville Pride Pathfinder Club is to:


1) Lead its members into a growing, redemptive relationship with God.

2) Build its members into responsible, mature individuals.

3) Invoice its members in active, selfless service.


Pathfinder Objectives


1)  Help each Pathfinder understand the Gospel and the steps of salvation and to work towards the personal commitment of every Pathfinder to the Lord.


2)  Help each Pathfinder develop a balanced physical, mental, social and spiritual life.


3)  Help Pathfinders to understand that the church loves, cares for and appreciates them and needs them in its total program.


4)  Show Pathfinders what God has planned for their lives.


5)  Train Pathfinders for missionary service.


6)  Develop the Pathfinder’s appreciation for nature.


7)  Teach Pathfinders specific skills and hobbies that will make their life meaningful and will occupy their time profitably


8)  Help keep Pathfinders physically fit.


9)  Give opportunities for the development of leadership.


The Pathfinder Club will encourage its members to belong to the church, confess their Christian faith, and take an active part in fellowship, worship, outreach and service.  The Pathfinder Club will challenge its members in the mission and ministry of Christ through the church so that God’s Word becomes meaningful and fruitful in their lives.




Fees for new Pathfinders include a $50 registration fee for all Pathfinders to be paid upon registration.  Returning Pathfinders will incur a $25 registration fee.  Each event the Pathfinder participates in (ie: camping, bowling, etc.) will incur a fee ranging from $10-30/each.  A list of events and dates can be found on the yearly calendar which will be distributed at registration or can be downloaded on the church website.


Starting the 2014/2015 Pathfinder year, new Pathfinders will be issued a club owned uniform shirt, belt and scarf/slide as part of their Class A uniforms.  We are lending the uniform to you in goodwill.  If it is damaged or not returned, the Pathfinder will be charged the current cost of replacement at Advent Source.  Black pants, shoes and socks are purchased by parents.  (see list of uniform requirements).


All patches and pins are provided by the club the first time.  If they are lost, you are responsible for the cost of the second.  As with all things financial, please see the club Director or Deputy Director if there is any hardship or issue.  The Statesville SDA Church has set aside money specifically to meet the needs of a worthy Pathfinder.  


Code of Conduct


1)    Pathfinder will respect leaders and counselors.  Romans 13:5; Exodus 20:12.


2)    Pathfinder will listen for instructions and follow them the first time he/she is asked.                Proverbs 16:20.


3)    Absolutely NO put-downs! John 13:34. Romans 12:10.


4)    Pathfinder will respect other club members.  Romans 13:9-10, Galatians 5:13.


5)    Pathfinder will respect church/club property and the property of others. Philippians 2:4.


6)    Pathfinder will exhibit modesty in dress and appearance.  1 Timothy 2:9-10.  1 Timothy 4:12.


7)    Pathfinder will keep a positive attitude and not bring others down with complaining.              Proverbs 17:22,  Philippians 2:14.


8)    Pathfinder will be obedient and cooperative.  2 John 6, Titus 3:1.


9)    Pathfinder will keep a Christian attitude.  Philippians 2:5.


10)  Pathfinder will not engage in improper conduct with someone of the opposite sex.  Ephesians 5:3.


11)  Our club maintains a hands-off policy with regards to relationships with those of the opposite sex.


12)  Pathfinder will keep the Pathfinder Pledge and Law.


Discipline Procedures


Step 1 - Pathfinder is disobedient or uncooperative or displays any type of misbehavior - the counselor prays and talks with the child.


Step 2 - Pathfinder is disobedient or uncooperative or displays any type of misbehavior, the director is involved, talks and prays with the child; director then notifies the parents that night.


Step 3 - Pathfinder is disobedient or uncooperative or displays any type of misbehavior, then the child, parent, director, and counselor discuss together and the child misses the next meeting and child is on probation for 1 month.  If all is good for 1 month with no further issues, this resets the child to a clean slate.


Step 4 - Pathfinder is disobedient or uncooperative or displays any type of misbehavior,  same group meets (the child, parent, director, and counselor discuss together) and the child misses the next campout.  Probation is re-set for another month.  If all is good for the next month with no further issues, this resets the child to a clean slate.


If there is an issue beyond step 4, that is grounds for dismissal.  All misbehavior is subject skipping steps at the director’s discretion.  If the Pathfinder is put on probation twice and does not make it through the probation period, that is grounds for dismissal.  The Pathfinder is responsible to make up all missed work due to missing meeting.campouts for discipline.


                 Point System & Awards


Our club operates with a point system.  A Pathfinder accumulates points each time they are present for a meeting.  Points are awarded for attendance, attitude and uniform.  The purpose of the point system is to encourage Pathfinders (and parents) to remain active and to promote accountability within the club.  Point are tallied after each meeting.  Excused absences are not counted in the totals.  Before each camping trip or reward activity, a review of the point totals will be made.  Any Pathfinder with less than 80% of their total possible points may not be allowed to go on that trip.  It is not fair to the staff and the other kids if you are always arriving late to the meeting.  This interrupts the program, so from now on three tardies are counted as an absence.


Attendance & Participation


1)   Regular attendance is necessary for a successful program.  Pathfinders that are absent many not be able to complete projects, honors or Class Level requirements.  They also miss information and important announcements.


2)  BE ON TIME. We meet about twice a month.  Pathfinders are expected to be punctual, so please ensure that your Pathfinders arrive on time and are picked up on time.  

Attendance at non-meeting events is also important.  All Pathfinders are expected to participate in service projects, fundraisers and all campouts.


Excused absences are granted for Pathfinder illness or death in the family only.  Please call the Director or Deputy Director (call or text), when you need to miss a meeting or other function.  Please call before the event to be missed.  This is especially important if you cannot make it to an offsite event.  We genuinely want you to be there and will miss you if you are absent.


Uniforms & Dress Code


Uniforms are required for all meetings and events unless specified otherwise by the Pathfinder director.  We have 3 uniforms:


1)  Class C - Club T-shirt.  (This will be distributed at the first meeting.)

2)  Class B uniform - dress shirt with dress pants and belt.

3)  Class A uniform - full dress uniform including dress shirt, dress pants, sash, scarf and slide, belt.



The Class A & B uniform includes flat-heel black dress shoes, black socks for boys and girls.


Honor patches & pins are provided by the club.  Patch & pin placement is important on the dress uniform.  Please pay close attention to the diagram that is provided.  Patches must be sewn on.


DRESS CODE:  We expect all Pathfinders to exhibit modesty in dress.  


Arrival & Dismissal


We have only a short time to accomplish our goals each meeting so we ask that Pathfinders be prompt to meetings and other functions.  The regular meeting starts at 2:00 PM.  The club meeting is over at 4:30 PM on Sabbath afternoons.  On Sunday morning it begins at 10:00 AM and ends at 12:00 PM.  We try to finish by this time and we ask that you arrive promptly to pick up your child.  They also must be picked up by an adult you have designated on your paperwork.


Personal Electronics Policy


We do not allow any personal electronics at our club meetings, events or campouts.  This includes IPods, MP3 players and related devices, or video game devices or cell phones.  Please keep these items at home.  The club can’t be responsible for the loss of any electronic device.  If any of the above items are brought to a Pathfinder function it will be take by the Pathfinders counselor or one of the directors and placed under lock and key and returned at the end of the Pathfinder function.  If there is need to reach your parents or for your parents to reach us they will have the Club Directors name and contact information as well as your counselor’s name and contact information.