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2014/2015 Pathfinder Calendar

2014/2015 Pathfinder Calendar



August 10-18                                               Oshkosh International Camporee

August 30- Sept 6                                        Open Registration

Sept 6, Saturday           afternoon                 Tree Honor @ Rendezvous Mountain with church

Sept 13, Saturday         2-4:30pm                 Registration/Parent Orientation/First Meeting

Sept 28, Sunday           10-12pm                  Regular Meeting

Oct 10-12                                                    Honors Camping trip- TBA

Oct 26, Sunday            10-12pm                  Regular Meeting

Nov 8, Saturday           2-4:30pm                 Regular Meeting

Nov 23, Sunday           10-12pm                  Regular Meeting

Dec 5/6                        evenings                   Journey to the Cross

Dec 13, Saturday         2-4:30pm                 Regular Meeting

Dec 14, Sunday                TBA                    Ice Skating Reward Event


~~~~~~~~Christmas Break~~~~~~~~~


Jan 10, Saturday           2-4:30pm                 Regular Meeting

Jan 25, Sunday             10-12pm                  Regular Meeting

Feb 14, Saturday          2-4:30pm                 Regular Meeting

Feb 22, Sunday            10-12pm                  Regular Meeting

Mar 7, Saturday           8pm-8am                  Lock-in Party

Mar 14, Saturday         2-4:30pm                  Regular Meeting

Mar 13-15 (???)                                           Workbee Camping trip

Mar 20-22                                                    Alive Youth Rally- teens only event

Mar 22, Sunday           10-12pm                   Regular Meeting

Apr 11, Saturday          2-4:30pm                  Regular Meeting
Apr 25, Saturday          2-3 pm                     Quick 1 hour meeting for Pre-Inspection

Apr 26, Sunday            10-12pm                   Regular Meeting/ INSPECTION

May 9, Saturday           2-:4:30pm                 Regular Meeting/Investiture practice

                                                                     (maybe 7-9pm for End of Year party instead??)

May 23, Saturday         church service           Investiture Service

May 24, Sunday               TBA                     Water park Reward Event

May 30, Saturday         6pm                          Pathfinder Parade/Awards at Lake Junaluska